18th June 2015


To Charles' friends,


Phone a friend today and arrange to have a drink with each other tomorrow, 19th of June.  I feel now that it is going to be the second anniversary of Charles’ death, with our busy schedules and demanding jobs, we need to make time for reflection.


It is two years since Charles decided to leave us, some of us have been luckier than others and he has appeared in dreams, maybe been seen and always in our thoughts. Life without him is unbearable. We always think that, as time moves on, it will become easier but it does not  What I have learnt is that you have to live with death. A weird conclusion, something that has worried me for the past 18th months, our brains have a wonderful way of blocking out something that hurts us.


18 months ago I was driving along taking Jemima to school and I wondered how I could start being able to enjoy life again, I thought and thought and then it came to me. We have to embrace death and learn to live with it. There is nothing we can do to change it, we are not taught this in schools or by our parents. We have to dig deep and understand death.


Charles is never far from us all, he was an explorer, and never liked to be in the same place for long, just in case he missed a party, or a fun luncheon; he needed to be kept in the know.  So I feel he is going to have to be Superman on Friday, to quickly go round each and every one of you and watch you while you remember him, and give him a toast, give him a big ego that will bring out that wonderful smile and chuckle. It will enable him to explore the universe, make new friends, and maybe do some good from the other side.


Our foundation is coming along nicely, slower this year than last at fund raising, but it still goes on. We are at a stage where we hope to tell you by Charles’ 27th birthday, 23 August, where and how it is going to happen. Just waiting for final parts of the jigsaw to fall into place. So please don't be shy, or tired, it is happening and the Charles SLBG foundation needs you, so please keep fundraising. We are a charity and have a Just Giving page as well as our donate button.


The SLBG family wish a happy memory of Charles to you all tomorrow and a huge thank you to all that have already fundraised and donated money so far.


We miss you Charles