The Charles SLBG Foundation is a family run fund-raising Charity set up by Alyson in honour of her son, Charles.


Charles died in June 2013 just 2 months shy of his 25th Birthday. Charles had Stage 4 Metastasis Melanoma.



Why we set the foundation up:


Charles was diagnosed late and had little chance of survival, if diagnosis had been earlier options may have existed. The statistics show that his age group is a high risk and currently the only method of obtaining early detection is to pay to go to a private clinic.


So our aim is to run a free walk-in service for this age group, primarily University students, that will hope to capture the cancer in the early stages and provide an opportunity to cope with the condition.


The service will consist of  a mobile walk-in Dermatology Clinic. This will be available to all Universities in the UK, giving quick and effective diagnosis of moles and skin complaints in the hope of detecting skin cancers (especially Melanoma) in the earliest stage.


We also aim to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle, reducing the risk of providing the opportunity for melanoma to grow.


For further details about our aims please see here.