THE SL CUP - 2015

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The days events..


For this year SL Cup we had the following teams playing:


Winchester House Team (One Man Team)

Magdalen College Team (SLO.W.)

Newcastle University Team (The Looney Toons)

London Team (Invitational XI)


The day started at 10:30am in Battersea Park and it was a very good game to kick things off. The Invitational XI beat SLO.W. after some terrific moments and so they progressed into the final. Then, The Looney Toons beat the One Man Team by one run which will go down as one of the closest games in SL Cup History! There were some brilliant batting and fielding displays and it really did go down to the wire.


By this point, the crowds were starting to gather and some 250 people descended upon the tent buying Pimms, SL Cup T shirts and buying/admiring the raffle prizes! Everyone was in very high spirits and were reminiscing about their memories of Charlie and how much we all miss him.


With the scorching sun on their backs, the Looney Toons and the Invitational XI headed out to do battle on a dry and grassy wicket with the SL Cup gleaming at them from the gazebo. The final lived up to all expectations and was a real nail biter! The invitational XI needed just 6 from the last ball but due to some very accurate bowling they were unable to pull off such a demanding feat!


The crowd were awesome and really got behind all the players! Once the final was done, Seb spoke to the crowd like a natural and spoke of Charlie and how much he would have loved the day. The presentation of the cup then followed and a few thank you' s were banded around.


Like last year, there was a real buzz as nervous raffle buyers collected in anticipation of the magic numbers drawn out of a hat by Arabella. There were some spectacular raffle prizes which were very kindly donated by Charlie's friends and helped make it such a success (we sold over 600 raffle tickets). As the winners came up to collect their well-earned prizes, certain members of the mob were beginning to mull over their strategy for the main event of the day....the auction.


Again, there were some extremely kind donations for the auction from a signed arsenal shirt to rugby world cup tickets to weeks in Sri Lanka and Zanzibar!! The bidding started low but even I could not believe the traction some of the lots were gaining. It really was awesome to see so many of Charlie's friends in one place and bidding with every knowledge that any money raised would go to such a fantastic cause. Some very competitive bidding combined with a supportive mob meant that a lot of money was raised for Charles SLBG Foundation.


We raised a total of £15,116



A huge thank you to everyone who played in and supported the SL Cup. A special thank you to James Allen for organising this event and his continued support of the Foundation.

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THE SL CUP - 2014


On the 23rd August three cricket teams took part, in SL Cup. 


The day was organised by James Allen in remembrance of Charlie who loved his cricket and days with his mates. 


The games began at 11:00 and carried on until the early evening, luckily play was only interrupted for a mere 30mins due to rain. Followed by a raffle and trip to the pub! 

It was a wonderful day for all those who loved Charlie to get together reminisce and have a good time.


There were also T-Shirts for sale and an raffle to raise money for the Foundation, and a fantastic amount was raised!


Grand Total raised £5,020


A massive thank you to all who supported this event.