One Year On.


To all family and friends of Charles.


There are two dates that we always  remember, Birth and Death, and as today is the 19th June, one year since Charles died, I would like all that knew Charles to remember him today. Perhaps get together and have a drink tonight and remember how he loved us all and how we loved him. The year without him has been slow and there is not one day that we do not think about him.  We also hope that he today can be among us: some may feel his presence and others not, but it is today that our thoughts should be all about him. Please have fun doing it, here in France there is going to be a lantern lit at 11:45pm that will float high into the universe. 

This is also the perfect time for the S-L-B-G family to thank all of you who have supported us in the last year, all of Charles' friends that have donated to his Foundation, all of you that have raised money by doing Marathons and boxing nights. etc. Also I know that there are a lot of ideas for the coming months regarding fund- raising and please don't be shy, whatever you would like to do - please get in touch. 

Lastly this year that has gone by, leaves us with just memories which do not fade, so smile happily when you remember those days that you spent with him, as he will smile fondly remembering you.