It has arrived, 19th of June, so fast; another year. I could not believe how fast it has turned up again. A date that one never wants to acknowledge because acknowledging means pain and tears as deep love can never be expressed and I find it hard to accept it’s been five years since Charles death. I am always expecting a miracle; the miracle I want is Charles to walk through the door smile, say ‘hi five’ and ‘dude, did you miss me?’.

On a happier note I got a text from someone close to Charles saying she felt he was in London, had a dream with him in it looking very smart, slightly older, but he is 30 in August. And she put the TV on to find it was one of his favourite films.

So Charles is in London and hopefully some of you experience Charles as he is takes his annual leave from infinity and beyond. Today I hope, as you have done in the past, you meet, have a drink and celebrate the friendship that he had with you all. Don't forget to stay alert and keep an eye out for odd happenings, as Charlie is back in town.


To Charles, we miss you greatly. Xx


Love Alyson Sain-ley-Berry-Gray June 2018