If anyone was to ever to ask me what is the worst time of the year for me I would reply now, the week leading up to the 19th June. I can remember every detail of the last week that lead up to Charles’s death and today is the third anniversary of his death.


Visiting his grave, planting more flowers so there is nothing but beauty to see, I said out loud “I can't believe you are gone, why can't you appear and visit us, it would just make the pain more bearable”.


I then sat down on the grass next to him and remembered some of the books I had read about out-of-body experiences, they all said the same thing - a difference of time between our two worlds. So if this is the case, perhaps in the next year we can all have a feeling or a visit from Charles. As I feel he thinks he has been away perhaps only 3 months, not three years.


I was reading the Guardian newspaper recently and saw headline Drug combination for treating skin cancer approved for NHS use. So of course, I read on and now there is increasing hope for others with melanoma which I am really thrilled about.


As you know we have two dermatologist on board and we are doing our best to get the dermascope into universities this year. I am also trying to get some space at festivals for the summer of 2017 for an awareness and screening booth.


I am meeting with Dr Alexander Borve (see bio) this month. He has just done a skin cancer screening in Sweden where they screened 50 people and found 3 possible melanomas and 5 Basal Cell Carcinomas, all using this simple device attached to an iPhone.


I still feel with passion that it is a must to catch melanomas early and despite the drugs now available to extend people's life we must keep fundraising.


I would like to thank everyone for all the fundraising so far. All the support and friendship that I have received from Charles’ friends has been incredible.

I look forward to seeing you all at the SL CUP, Battersea Park, August 20th, where the dermascope will be on display so please come and see how it works and also if you have a worrying spot/mole, please let's use it.


Lastly do please enjoy a drink today all together, and hopefully lots of memories and fun. As I am in London, I will be going to church in Sloane Square for the 11am service.


One more thought, Charles would have loved the rugby game today and England won. Beer, Pub and Cheers.


See you all on the 20th August


Alyson  (Charles's mother)