Charlie's Mermen Swim the English Channel Swim

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From William Graydon,


For those who know me I should probably apologise, you have already been subjected to four years of pasty skin and pestering for sponsorship.


For those who don’t, I made a bet with myself on my 21st birthday that in my lifetime I would raise £1 million for charity, with the catch being every penny had to be raised in pink Y fronts.


Over the past four years I have done bike rides, even roping in 7 fellow riders one year, and lots of running. This culminated in 9 marathons in 8 days last year, which raised over £10,000 pounds.


So here is the latest stupid challenge, I was thinking what am I rubbish at, what would I hate to do.. and one idea stood out! Swim the channel, I hate the cold, I can’t swim, I am scared of deep water and I get motion sickness. What a perfect challenge!

Why the SLBG foundation? well its obvious for several reasons, firstly its just a superb charity, in memory of a superb Gentleman. A project that will save countless lives, so one that needs as much help as can humanly be given.  

Secondly after many years of enjoying Charlie’s sense of humour I thought it was time I gave him a good laugh in return. My pasty, lanky flailing torso being battered for 21 miles by excrement infested water, hurrah!


I remember on our gap year, the bollocking he took off the young female stranger who had dragged my face down self from the Thai sea, as he had found it more important to stand poking me with a garden cane and hurling abuse than to check I wasn’t on deaths door.  This swim will pretty much be identical to that moment, with less bodily fluids coming from myself, fewer lady boys and Cordelia hurling the abuse from a crusty old fishing boat.


Finally, I never got the chance to pay Charlie back for trying to introduce me to Gnarles Barkleys smash hit “crazy” 3 months after it hit the charts, so late on trend, several years after David Walliams smashed out this challenge, I will be donning a fetching pair of speedos and doggy paddling one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes.


Our target is to raise £70,000.


Dontate now, and save the facebook barrage.



Training and event updates to follow.