Cycling from John O’Groats to Lands’ End


Congratulations to Jordan and Andrew for completing the gruelling challenge of cycling John O’Groats to Lands’ End.


The total raised so far is £2482 and still rising, so a huge thank you to both Jordan and Andrew and everyone who has supported them.



 Message from Jordan Brodley

During the latter period of July this year, myself and  Andrew Willis will be taking on the gruelling challenge of cycling John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

Spending 12 days of our summer months on the top of a bike may seem like a wacky idea to some, especially as our accumulative mass surpasses 200kgs with ‘Fat Brods’ encompassing the majority of this weight, however it is a challenge that both of us have been eager to do for some time.

During our time at MCS both Willis and I looked up to Charles both as a leader on the field of play and also around school. He was also a close friend of my brother, Ryan, who has jetted off and lives his life in the sunny surroundings of LA, unfortunately therefore not able to take part in the challenge (although he would still do it slower than me). The Charles SLBG Foundation was therefore at the forefront of our minds when choosing a worthy charity to cycle for, raising money for a worthwhile cause which will save many lives over time.

Willis and I have had some pretty great times together over the last few years and I’m sure that the days cycling together will be some of our best. Even though he thinks that he is a pretty big deal I’m sure in Durham as much as Oxford, Willis will always be less senior than me on a sports field, cycle lanes included.

Feel free to cheer us on at any point during our long trip, we will be letting the social media world know of our route once it is confirmed, but a comfortable bed would be lovely for anyone that has a spare.

Donate for a great charity, who aims to do wonderful things - plus you’ll see some images of Willis struggling at something for once…



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