First Derm

First Derm is an award-winning researched backed "ask the dermatologist" app. Ask a board certified dermatologist anonymously about your mole or skin concern and get an opinion on what to do next. To use it, simply send a picture and description of your symptoms. Within hours you will have a response from our dermatologist directly on your phone. No user account or registration is required, users are always kept anonymous.


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Skin Analytics

Spot suspicious moles earlier and get to the right professional medical advice faster. This app will allow you to access your Skin Analytics account and help you take better photos.


The World UV App, developed by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and the Met Office, is a free app that gives live UV ratings anywhere in the world. Knowing the UV level in your location is a useful tool in helping you keep an eye of the sun's rays and being aware when they reach harmful levels. 


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