• To provide a free, on-site, assessment service for the early detection of skin cancer to young people between the age of 19 and 25


The statistics show that this age group is a high risk and currently the only method of obtaining early detection is to pay to go to a private clinic. Our aim is to provide a free walk-in service for this age group, primarily University students, that will hope to capture the cancer in the early stages and provide an opportunity to cope with the condition.


The service will consist of a mobile walk-in Dermatology Clinic. This will be available to all Universities in the UK, giving quick and effective diagnosis of moles and skin complaints in the hope of detecting skin cancers (especially Melanoma) in the earliest stage.


A brief summary of how we see the Dermatology clinic working:


  • Any students able to visit the clinic for free.

  • History and risk assessment will be taken followed by a full body exam.

  • Any suspicious moles will be documented for either monitoring or biopsy.

  • A print out or report will be provided to take to GP or specialist.


Registered Charity Number 1157680 CHARLES SLBG FOUNDATION Click here for certificate


Charity objective

To relieve sickness and preserve and protect good health of university students through raising awareness of skin cancer, the risk factors and prevention in such ways as the trustees shall think fit, including the provision of walk-in dermatology clinics at universities